Kissing Course

The Sensual Conversation Of Kissing 101

With International Certified Sex & Relationship Expert &

Love & Life Style Alchemist

Dr. Tanja Isabella



It All Starts With The Right Kiss!


I’m going to teach you:

– WHY people LOVE to kiss so much (and why almost EVERY culture in the entire world tries to lock lips on a regular basis) . . .


– WHAT happens deep in a man’s mind and heart when he meets a woman who kisses him the “Right” way . . .


– How to get man who might be a “lousy” kisser now (always in a rush; always shoving his tongue down past your tonsils or banging his teeth against yours or REFUSING TO OPEN HIS MOUTH NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO) to slow down, pay attention to you and engage in the astonishing romantic conversation between two lovers that a wonderful kiss really is) . . .


The Chemistry Of Kissing 101

And I’m going to teach you the secret “kissing vocabulary” of the best kissers in the world (techniques and tips you can use to finally get to experience those toe-curling, breathtaking kisses you thought only happened in romance novels and movies starring a shirtless Ryan Gosling.)



I love kissing.

I savor kissing.

I try to spend as much time as I can kissing (which does, indeed, make actually eating enough food to stay alive kind of difficult, not to mention actually trying to TALK to someone.)

I want you to love kissing too!

I want you to know what it’s like to experience a true “Movie Star” kiss EACH AND EVERY DAY

Whenever you want so you feel butterflies in your stomach and the sides of your mouth curling up into a

“OH, MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M KISSING LIKE THIS THIS IS AWESOME!” smile completely, automatically without you having any choice in the matter whatsoever . . .