Kissing Course

The Sensual Conversation Of Kissing 101

With International Certified Sex & Relationship Expert &

Love & Life Style Alchemist

Dr. Tanja Isabella



It All Starts With The Right Kiss!


I’m going to teach you:

– WHY people LOVE to kiss so much (and why almost EVERY culture in the entire world tries to lock lips on a regular basis) . . .


– WHAT happens deep in a man’s mind and heart when he meets a woman who kisses him the “Right” way . . .


– How to get man who might be a “lousy” kisser now (always in a rush; always shoving his tongue down past your tonsils or banging his teeth against yours or REFUSING TO OPEN HIS MOUTH NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO) to slow down, pay attention to you and engage in the astonishing romantic conversation between two lovers that a wonderful kiss really is) . . .


The Chemistry Of Kissing 101

And I’m going to teach you the secret “kissing vocabulary” of the best kissers in the world (techniques and tips you can use to finally get to experience those toe-curling, breathtaking kisses you thought only happened in romance novels and movies starring a shirtless Ryan Gosling.)



I love kissing.

I savor kissing.

I try to spend as much time as I can kissing (which does, indeed, make actually eating enough food to stay alive kind of difficult, not to mention actually trying to TALK to someone.)

I want you to love kissing too!

I want you to know what it’s like to experience a true “Movie Star” kiss EACH AND EVERY DAY

Whenever you want so you feel butterflies in your stomach and the sides of your mouth curling up into a

“OH, MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M KISSING LIKE THIS THIS IS AWESOME!” smile completely, automatically without you having any choice in the matter whatsoever . . .


The Secret I Want To Share & Why He Was My Favorite

The Legitimacy Of Desire & What I Want You To Know!


I have a secret confession! 

I recently met a man. 

He wasn’t the typical six or seven figure man,

the famous Hollywood man,

or the major league sports man I usually attract.

He was…


  • The one I didn’t see coming.

  • The one that got under my skin.

  • The one who made me as unsteady as a young school girl who blushed easily.

  • The one that made me question everything I ever believed as I felt an awakening of hidden treasures that hadn’t ever been discovered in his presence.

  • The one that I was illogically, inexplicably, magnetically, & passionately drawn to.

  • The one that kept me up all hours of the night wondering Tanja you’re an Internationally Certified Sex, Love, & Relationship Expert What IS IT About Him?

I wanted to take my time figuring out all the delicious reason why…..


The Answer Is He Carries 4 Very Powerful Masculine Archtypes That I Desire & That Most Men Haven’t Tapped Into

So Through The Legitimacy Of My Desire For Him I Re-channeled all of that energy and passion and I decided that I want to teach you

How To Fully Integrate These 4 Archetypes So You Too Can Have This Mind Blowing Affect On The Woman Of Your Desires.



Trust Me Gentlemen….

Men That Have Been My Friends For Decades Will Testify That Of All The Women They Know

I’m A Slow Burn & A Hard Sell When It Comes To Courtship

& If it worked for me it will work for the woman you want.

The Warrior


God Designed Men To Be Dangerous & Have Some Level of Fearlessness.

Was It Because Eve Ate the Apple or Because Adam Was Too Passive & Never Told Her To Put It Down?

Look at the Dream and Desires written in your heart as a little boy. The Hero, The Warrior. The Risk Taker. The Adventurer.

In This Workshop You Will Learn: 

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy Who Puts Up With Too Much Abuse or Being Treated Like You Are A Misbehaved Woman

How To Heal The Shadow Sides of the Warrior By Understanding Power Dynamics in the Boardroom & the Bedroom

How To Tap Into What The Sacred Warrior Energy Brings In Order To Have More Wild Primal Sexuality & Sexual Expression With Your Beloved.

How This Warrior In You Can Keep a Woman Excited, Feeling Safe, & Wanting You On A Daily Basis.

The King

You Are Neither A Tyrant Nor A Weakling You Are a King.

You are a leader of people & lineages.

A king has honor, nobility, respect, & prosperity.

There is an old saying that behind every good man is a good woman.

In this workshop you will learn:

How making love with a Queen can make you more powerful & abundant.

That together when aligned a powerful man & woman can perform the act of sexual transmutaion in order to attract more happiness, wealth, love, and prosperity.

The secrets that what modern day kings knew about sexual transmutation in order to life your legendary life.

The Magician

The Magician Is A True Alchemist!

He is neither detached or manipulative.

He knows the game of life, how to play it, and how to win.

Like Einstein… He knows that imagination is more important than knowledge & that when he incorporates his imagination he creates a true magic carpet ride for him and his beloved.

Through awakening the magician…

In this workshop:

You will go from vanilla love to adding a dash of kinky chocolate sauce.

You will magically break the glass ceiling that is keeping you in scarcity and survival mode and that is limiting you in the realms of pleasure, passion, & prosperity.

The Lover


Is there a level of addiction or impotency in your love life or your professional life.

Are you addicted to what you know because it’s comfortable?

Do you desire more in the realm of passion, romance, & finance?

Through The Lover & In This Work Shop

You will connect with your 5 senses on how to better touch, taste, and feel your lover.

You will learn

How to be touched, felt, and tasted.

How to read the animal of the body.

How to Explore you and your partners erotic blueprint,

How to communicate with your primary love language.

There are mediocre things in life…. Love, passion, & sex should not be one of them.

Learn what it means to be & feel extraordinary!








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Welcome to Majestic Beauty!


quaintrelle: (n) a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and the cultivation of life’s pleasures.

queen: (n) a royal or noble woman who has sovereign power and authority.

Majestic Beauty

Is about you discovering your royal power by learning to become a Sovereign Queen in her receiving line. As a Sovereign Queen you will be empowered to receive your most beautiful and pleasurable life. 

As a Sovereign Queen you will awaken to the power that you alone hold the keys to your heaven on earth and that you are destined to be a DIVINE RECEIVER of your unique BEAUTY, POWER, and PLEASURE. 

As a Sovereign Queen you will gain confidence when they realize the value that you have as ROYALTY and being an awakened and empowered QUEEN. Not as an workhorse, servant, or slave. You will learn that it is only when you stand in your royalty…that you can release thoughts like regret, guilt, shame, fear, sorrow, and unworthiness.

As a Quaintrelle you will master that you were created to walk in beauty, healing, peace, pleasure, prosperity, and joy.  You will realize your unique sacred beauty and the majesty and joy of authentic and passionate living and you will walk a daily path of pleasure.

You will honor and fully embody your divine humanity, your sacred beauty, your delightful sensuality, and your exquisite feminine power. 

You will become dynamic and realize that moments of vulnerability, receiving, and playfulness are just as powerful as being strong, sacrificial, and overly responsible.

You will learn that your divine feminine power of walking in love, beauty, pleasure, and your powerful ROYAL identity is the KEY to freedom, self love, authentic self-expression and divine healing.

You will learn that when a woman walks as a Sovereign Queen and a Quaintrelle she is full of beauty, peace, and joy.  She radiates that joy and beauty in the world.  When her cup is full and she has received all of her divinity only then can she fully become a beacon to others which will also increase her self love, her self respect, and her self confidence.

          From her childhood days and childhood dreams of becoming a princess, the majority of 20th century woman have most likely consciously or unconsciously become voiceless maidens that live quiet lives of over-working, over-exhaustion, self-sacrifice, shame, self-doubt, and servitude.  These ladies were a quick study and as young girls they learned that in order to be a beautiful and lovable princess, a girl was required to be one of many things. It could be she was taught that a princess needs to be unconscious in order to be loved or that it is necessary to give up her voice in order to find love.  Perhaps she has to give up her world in order to find her happily ever after, or maybe she has to be a servant scrubbing floors day and night, or perchance she has to give up her voice and her world.  Another fairy tale princess has to sacrifice herself and give up her father in order to find her happy ending.  Or maybe she has to be hidden from society, orphaned, motherless, in despair, or bereaved.

         Do you see Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel in these stories or do you see a few glimpses of yourself?  The message time and time again is a woman most either be sacrificial, helpless, unconscious, voiceless, an outcast, hated by another woman, or in need of rescue in order to be seen as desirable, beautiful, or lovable. That is it not safe to be visible, powerful, or beautiful.  Is it any wonder why a women would have some unconscious fears around speaking her truth, being awakened, being visible or expressing herself in this world?  Is it any wonder why it is easier for a women to be sacrificial and depleted versus being a DIVINE RECEIVER of her own unique BEAUTY, PASSIONS, and PLEASURES?

         The need for a women to identify with shame, guilt,  overworking, and exhaustion is a deeply rooted societal programming that needs to be rewritten.  How do we fix this?  Well we start by using our voice one whisper at a time to say I am worthy, I am awake, and I am designed to be a Sovereign Queen!  I am worthy of receiving my purpose, passions, and pleasures.  I am ready to be transformed and to proudly stand in my desires.  I am worthy of receiving love for being my authentic self and not for all of my work, duties, and sacrifices.

         Perhaps your initial thought is … a Queen?  Oh no! An awakened queen that speaks her truth and is passionate about her desires?  That’s not me.  A queen is evil and she is filled with darkness.  She is selfish. She is destined for a loveless life of isolation and a life of solitude.  Although evil queens are out there, it is my opinion that the vast majority of women in reality were not evil but were sovereign queens that stood in their power and spoke their truth.

         Who are these queens that were seen as not good girls? Who were these awakened empowered queens? How about women like Rosa Parks, Mary Magdalene, Harriet Tubman. and Susan B. Anthony. Many strong and determined women like Clara Barton or Josephine Baker were considered rebels of their time but these amazing rebellious women made history.  So my sister queen, please know that you will not be outcast or demonized for being an awakened Queen and speaking your truth.  Remember even if one person sees you as evil or selfish, that is their perception and it is not your truth.

         I hope your desire is beginning to awaken and you are becoming more open to receiving your Beauty, your Pleasures, and your Power.  I hope your voice is saying… No more! I do not want to remain silent!  I am no longer unconscious to the belief system that our society tells us.  We will no longer be asleep or see ourselves as broken or incomplete.  We will no longer believe that the queen and powerful woman is evil and selfish and destined to a life of solitude. This illusion and delusion has kept woman from living a truly powerful, awakened, and embodied life.  Now that we see the societal programming that has wounded and depleted so many women including yourself, you are now beginning to blossom as an awakened Conscience Queen!

         As a Majestic Beauty, you will learn that confidence comes from standing in your sovereignty. You will learn that when a woman is in her sovereignty, she can take inspired action because she is always connected to the Divine.  In her sovereignty she is royalty.  She can trust and embody her true and authentic self.  She can trust her intuition and speak her truth.  She can honor her humanity and her divinity.

         As a queen she realizes that she must take inspired action.  The inspired ACTION is what builds confidence.  Inspired action is the most powerful thing she can do when she is walking towards a desire. Women gain confidence when they realize the value they have as ROYALTY and being an awakened and empowered QUEEN. Not as an orphan, a servant, or a slave.  It is my passion and purpose to teach you that you were created to walk in beauty, healing, peace, pleasure, purpose, and joy.  Once a women realizes her divine humanity and honors herself for the queen she is, then for the rest of her life she can let go of thoughts like regret, shame, guilt, fear, sadness, and unworthiness.

         It is my desire to teach you that the power of walking in love, beauty, and your powerful ROYAL identity is the KEY to freedom, self love, and divine healing.  When a woman walks as a Sovereign Queen she is full of beauty, peace, and joy.  She radiates that joy and beauty in the world.  When her cup is full and she has received all of her divinity she can then be a beacon to others which will also increase her self love, self respect, and self confidence. As a Sovereign Queen you will awaken to the power that you alone hold the keys to your heaven on earth and that you are destined to be a DIVINE RECEIVER  of your unique BEAUTY, POWER, and PLEASURE.

  • Are you ready to be coached on how to live a majestic life?
  • As a Majestic Beauty you will learn….
  • To stand in your authentic power and live your truth.
  • To go from burn out and exhaustion to balance, harmony, and joy.
  • To be in love with all aspects of yourself and your life.
  • To go from self doubt and self deprivation to being a confident and Divine receiver.
  •  To embody your unique and exquisite beauty.
  • To go from duty and obligation to embracing passion, pleasure, and playfulness in your daily life
  • To go from striving for perfection to honoring all facets of your humanity and your divinity
  • To go from feeling disconnected to having authentic community and connection.
  • To be surrounded by beauty, love, and abundance.
  • To go from everyday living and success to living a legendary life of your own creation and grand design.

Are you ready to ignite your playful passion, embody your beauty, honor your authentic power, become transcendently luminescent, and be a divine and magnetic receiver?  Are you ready to find connection, balance, and prosperity?  If your answer is an exquisite YES, then you are ready to begin to unveil yourself in order to honor your Majestic Beauty and Crown yourself as the Soverign Queen that you are!

Do You Desire to…..

– Become a Divine Receiver of Your Majestic Beauty and the Beauty of this World.

– Create a Life of Passion, Purpose, Prosperity, and Pleasure.

– Become a Sovereign Queen and Stand in Your Divine Feminine Power.