Why Am I A Beauty Pleasure & Empowerment Coach

Why Am I A Beauty, Pleasure, & Empowerment Coach?

Because I Want To Teach You What I Know!

          I was a woman who was burnt out seeing over a hundred patients a week and taking care of everyone around me but myself. I began feeling like I was just a work horse. I was  working long hours and I felt overworked, exhausted, and under appreciated. I then surrendered as I knew that the life I was living was not the iconic and legendary life that I desired to live. I started taking care of myself exquisitely. I began to live in beauty. I began to desire. I started to cultivate life’s pleasures and study femininity, the power of embodiment, pleasure, bliss, and receptivity. I just started to follow my pleasure and what felt good. I began to savor the beauty and sensuality of my life. I followed a path of pleasure and royalty instead of duty, servitude, and obligation. I had more fun, more passion, and more romance. I studied under the world’s most amazing sex, love, and relationship experts and under powerful seven figure women and then all of sudden in a matter of 10 months….Amazing things happened to me! 

  • I was invited by a Fashion Designer to go to Paris Fashion Week.

  • I connected with a seven figure business coach while in NYC who gave me tools to begin my business with little to no effort. I was in the city and she just opened up time for me.

  • I completed my Doctorate of Divinity with less effort than ever before and I was asked to put my dissertation into a book as the Dean knew an artist who wanted to do the illustrations.

  • I was proposed to at the Inn at Little Washington (Queen Elizabeth’s favorite US Destination) in the most loving and romantic way.

  • I was offered a speaking position where I was sent to the Ritz Carlton Orlando and paid $3000 for four hours of work.

  • I connected with an amazing celebrity make-up artist that has gifted me with so many amazing tools and now I am a part of her elite international team.

  • I received a random phone call on a Saturday night where I was asked to co-author a woman’s empowerment book and by the end of the conversation I was asked to write not one but two books.

  • I then without applying was gifted a scholarship to write my own book. While most people are struggling to get published… this was just gifted to me.

  • Out of no-where, the man that hurt me so deeply as a teenager gave me the most beautiful apology when we had not spoken for decades.

  • I was second runner up for a Media Scholarship where I was gifted media skills with the first at home YouTube video I ever made.

  • With no effort I was given the opportunity to be on an Author’s Bureau and an International Speakers Bureau.

  • I got accepted into a highly competitive 600 hour Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationship Professional Coaching Certification Program.

  • My romantic life with my beloved  became even more passionate and loving and the romance just keeps getting better.

  • Men now stop me to compliment me for no reason.

  • Oh and that job that exhausted me….I received a new one…where I am loved and appreciated.