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I’m Dr. Tanja IsabeIla, I’m a certified sexuality, love, & relationship expert, a published author, & an international empowerment coach that specializes in igniting passion & prosperity in your life.

I assist woman like you to who are overachieving and exhausted. Women who are numb, burnt out, and disconnected with their libido and their passions in life

Woman like you who deeply desire to live a life they love by feeling amazing in their bodies and incredible their personal lives. Creating their iconic look, deep passion, free sexual expression, and intimate loving connection in order for them to have the pleasure, the abundance, the radiance, & the romance they desire.

If you desire to connect with your sensuality, live passionately, and be the confident, successful, and magnetic woman that is beautifully seen, powerfully heard, loved, & celebrated – Connect with me and let’s begin your majestic path of pleasure today!

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Dear Beloveds,

Why am I a Beauty, Pleasure, & Prosperity Expert?

Because I want to teach you what I know!



Savoring the Nectar of Life Is…

…enjoying all of life’s pleasures, wonderful senses, and delicious succulent sweetness. It is being a quaintrelle which is a woman who just like a radiant flower, draws in the bee by its beauty, radiance, and magnetic power. Savoring the nectar of life is using your sacred beauty and passionate living in order to cultivate life’s pleasures, become more abundant, feel more amazing in your body, and stand in your divine radiant feminine power. It is being magnetic and gracefully drawing in all of life’s creative goodness, sweet abundance, and gorgeous gifts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It is also standing as a sovereign queen and becoming the queen bee. A queen bee doesn’t have to prove herself or hustle to the point of exhaustion. She uses her feminine gifts to create her world and her realm. Majestic Beauty is for you if you want to have more pleasure in your body, be in delight, live in luxurious beauty, have amazing self-confidence, have deep passion, and loving connection. So dare to desire and be desired. Be a queen in her receiving line. Be adored. Be in amazing epic relationships and have your beautiful and exquisite dream life. By stepping into your authentic feminine power you can Savor All Of Life’s Nectar.