Queen Types Coaching

Are You Ready To…

  • Heal Your Love & Money Wounds? Have Power & Influence in The Boardroom & The Bedroom?

  • Develop a new relationship to your personal power that is rooted in deep love, adoration, and beauty?

  • Learn how to get out of your analytical mind, connect with you sensuality and use pleasure as a power source?

  • Look almost a decade younger, and feel vibrant and amazing in your body at any size or age?

  • Have Power & Influence In The Board Room & The BedRoom

  • Upgrade your relationships with men where you are surrounded by knights, kings, and champions?

  • Stand in your sexual sovereignty, as you learn to have full agency over your sexual and reproductive health as you beautifully honor and love your body?

  • Learn how to have fulfilled, loving, and passionate relationships that include epic sex and amazing orgasms?

  • Become the mistress of your own domain as you strengthen your boundaries, your voice, and your worth?

  • Be adored and discover what it means for your body to be a temple?

  • Heal childhood wounds, heart break, and relationship traumas in order to a the life you desire?

  • Bend time where the day no longer drags on?

  • Stand in your authentic Sovereign Feminine Power and become a Queen in her receiving line?

Then You Are Ready For Your Queen Type Initiation!

Have the Pleasure, Love, & Passion You Want!

As the Queen of Beauty, Pleasure, Love, and Passion

Activate Aphrodite

  • If you are not having the love, romance, passion, and affection that you desire.

  • If you need to upgrade your relationship with the your partner or attract a different vibration of lovers into your life.

  • You are not sure how to be passionately playful, have erotic innocence, lovingly flirt, or how to live from your hearts desires.

  • You are uncertain how to harness your inner seductress, how to desire, or how to be desirable.

  • You want to be in delight, be sensually vibrant, and sexually empowered but you don’t know how.

  • You want to be surrounded by men who become knights, kings, and champions.

  • You want to have more authentic intimacy and legendary love.

  • You want more passion, more pleasure in your body, and more love in your relationships.

  • You want to be a sexually sovereign woman who is the ruler of her sexual and reproductive health and who has legendary love and amazing orgasmic experiences.

  • You want to learn how to be vibrant, look almost 10 years younger, and feel confident in your body at any age.

Be The Empowered Confident Woman That Is Heard & Noticed !

The Queen of Feminine Power
Activate Athena

  • If you want to go from the “good girl” who is used and taken advantage of to having healthy boundaries.

  • You don’t know how to deal with guilt so you over give to the point of depletion.

  • You are hyper-masculine and over productive and you want to learn how to harness your femininity as a super power.

  • You are exhausted and depleted and you want to learn how to be confident in being rather than doing.

  • You want to create your Queendom by standing in your truth, your passions, and your desires but you don’t even know who you are or what you want anymore.

  • You are tired of being a doormat, co-dependent, or a people pleaser.

  • You are tired of working hard and having nothing to show for it and you want to heal your self-worth and money issues in order to create more abundance.

  • You want to create more wealth with ease.

  • You feel lonely and isolated and you want to create more community and connection with sister queens.

  • You are over worked and tired and you want to learn how to harness the creative, feminine, magnetic, and attractive forces that can bring luxurious flow to life rather than having to push, force, and work so hard.

  • You are tired of being the wall flower and invisible and you now want to heal your visibility wounds so you can stand for your gifts, talents, dreams and desires.

  • You are tired of being a martyr or a victim and you now want to understand power dynamics and embrace the gift of feminine leadership.

Be The Magnetic Woman Who Is Beautifully Seen & Embodies Her Confidence!

As the Queen of Instinctual and Exquisite Embodiment

Activate Diana

  • If you are always doubting yourself and living in fear and uncertainty and you want to learn to trust your instincts and your inner wild woman.

  • You have studied a great deal and your are very knowledgeable about "self help" but you still don't feel powerful.

  • You want to learn that embodiment is more powerful then knowledge.

  • You want to feel safe in your body and learn how to use your body to be confident and powerful.

  • You want to break free of old programming that no longer serves or works for you.

  • You want to learn how to have more self-esteem in order to free yourself of societal bondage that is holding you back in order for you to live your God given dreams and desires.

  • You are tired of being safe and living a dull, predictable, or monotonous life and now you want to be boldly confident and become the huntress of your dreams.

  • You have been stuck in the mental mind and now you want to reconnect with and feel amazing and in tune within your physical body.

  • You always second guess yourself and now you want to learn how to honor yourself and trust your inner compass with your desires.

  • You want to connect with and trust your instincts and the animal of your body.

Be The Woman Who Finally Has Unconditional Love & Inner Peace!

As the Queen of Spirituality, Grace, & Transcendent Luminescence 

Activate Persephone

  • If you have tried to be the saint and the good girl all of the time and you feel taken advantage of or depressed and now you want to know how your “darkness” can be transcended as your greatest gifts.

  • You want to stop being “sugar and spice” and a people pleaser and you now want to learn how to have authentic self-expression.

  • You want to stop having negative self talk and feeling unworthy and you want to know and feel surrounded by both your love and divine love.

  • You had a traumatic childhood and you are now ready to connect with and heal your inner child, your innocence, and your receptivity.

  • You are tired of darkness and despair and you now want to harness the power of hope.

  • You always felt you had to produce or be perfect in order to be lovable and you now want to understand what unconditional love looks and feels like.

  • You have had a lot of inner or outer turbulence in your life and you are now ready to have more inner peace and balance.

  • You are ready to see how “failures” and “failed relationships” can serve you and your highest good.

  • You are tired of over thinking things and having “analysis paralysis” and you now want to connect with your intuition and your higher spiritual self.

  • You want to be appreciated and honored and you want to only have relationships that feed and nurture your soul.

Be The Woman Who Is Abundant, Nurtured, & Magnetic!

As the Queen of Magnetism, Abundant Receptivity , and Nurturing Connection

Activate Demeter

  • If you have given to the point of depletion and you now want to become a queen in her receiving line.

  • Go from accepting scraps to becoming a woman who wants the best for herself and who is in alignment with the luxury life style she desires.

  • Going from over working and exhaustion to creating a life of more ease, flow, and abundance.

  • Quite having relationships where you have to mother grown ups and learn to be in balanced loving partnership.

  • Go from having to prove yourself all of the time to magnetizing more amazing opportunities in your life.

  • Learn to truly love and nurture yourself by practicing more exquisite self-care in order to connect with more joy in your life.

  • Go from feeling unworthy unless you are producing to being in alignment with your true desires and learn how to nurture all aspects of yourself.

  • Stop blocking opportunities and learn to become both magnetic and receptive to all of the joy and riches in life.

  • Understand the art of attraction, magnetism, and receptivity.